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Munzi’s post about forced divorce reminded me of something I learned about recently:  


Apparently, no-fault divorce is not legitimate in New York state.  In fact none of the following are grounds for divorce:

-Irreconcilable differences



-Mutual Consent


Grounds for divorce include things like domestic abuse, abandonment, and adultery.  Now, isn’t it fucked up that two ADULTS can’t decide they’re not in love anymore and separate without dragging each other through an in-court blame game?  Why shouldn’t wanting an independent life again be a good enough reason?  Now I understand the horror stories I hear about the divorce process.  This kind of system could make any couple of good, reasonable people end up hating each other.   To me this seems beyond horrible for relationships between men and women, especially since sexist assholes are always talking about the cruel, untrue things a woman will say about her husband in divorce court.  yeah.  no fucking wonder.



here’s a link for this info: http://www.victorylibrary.com/divorce/faq.htm

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