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Drowning in the Shallow End

“The [feminist and woman of color] movements came out of activism,” explained poet, playwright, and woman of color feminist Cherrie Moraga in an interview for this article.  “The movements came out of social protest. So how can you talk about a third wave feminism when there is no viable activism off the page?”

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luciedating advice

also, i am pleased to report that one of our very own bloggers, lucierohan, should also be on the list of great female comedians.

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hostessNYTimes has decided to explore the exotic world of Japan and a new “trend”–women there it seems “are often limited to low-paying, dead-end jobs or temp positions.” And thus these “well-paid flirts” are stuck with the job of drinking with men.

I see several problems with this piece.

My first, what qualifies a “well-paid” flirt. How much is flirting worth? Apparently “$100,000 a year, and as much as $300,000” is considered a good salary for faking affection for men, according to Hiroko Tabuchi.

Good to know, I think some of us are underpaid.

How many times are you expected to smile for a man, simply because you’re a woman. You’re supposed to be happy, you’re supposed to at times fake enjoyment of a man’s company. I’ve never been a good faker, but think about it. A job interview? A meeting with a professor? Someone’s uncle? Some man says a joke and regardless of the level of hilarity, a certain level of enjoyment must be shown or else names get called. And this isn’t something just experienced by young women like myself. Female politicians must laugh a little to avoid looking “bitchy”. Female waitresses are often forced to accept harassment simply to get their tips (which keep in mind is actually their salary). It’s the sort of situation I suspect anyone who has been in the presence of someone with more power, regardless of gender, has felt. But unfortunately sex alone can create this sort of subtle imbalance in everyday situations. Everyone laughs at the King’s jokes. And unfortunately for women, there are many Kings.

My guess is that this “trend” is not new for the women of Japan. And it’s certainly not limited to Japan’s borders. And I’d wish that oppression of women would be treated as a world wide and local problem as opposed to an exotic concept.

While Hiroko Tabuchi seems to be mildly concerned about this “less-than-glamorous reality” of women “lavishing adoring (albeit nonsexual) attention on men for a hefty fee,” hoping they would instead get a job as a “civil servant” or “nurse,”  I hope the civil servants and nurses are charging that “hefty fee” for their attentions to men as well.

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i liked this

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colbert_reportI actually jumped out of my seat clapping when I saw this on the Colbert Report.  I was also kind of high, but I watched it again when I was not and it was equally awesome.  It was kind of surprising because generally I see the colbert report as being sillier and less insightful than the daily show but colbert got into some deep shit here for a second.


I don’t how to give you the link that takes you straight to the video, but just look up the clip called “neutral man’s burden”.

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Keep Makin’ Babies

A woman in Canada wants to get her tubes tied. The problem is the doctor says no.

She’s 21, her husband is 23, and the doctor says she (and sort of by extension they) are too young to decide to stop having children forever. There’s a lot going on here. There is the sexism of not letting a grown woman decide what to do with her own body, the ageism of expecting young adults to not be able to make joint decisions.

Also, the husband doesn’t want to get a vasectomy even though it is easier, cheaper, safer, (and for those of you wondering, reversible) than tube ligation. Shows how much of a sacrifice he’s willing to give I guess.

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Apparently there are a number of kids who have begun to use “yo” as a gender neutral pronoun.

This was reported forever ago elsewhere, but I don’t care

I really like this because:

a) It sorta sprang up by itself.

b) I like the word “yo.”

c) I’m really bad with other gender neutral pronouns. For some reason I can’t keep them straight (except Thon, but thats easy).

The one thing I noticed is that, including this article, whenever yo as a pronoun is talked about people start talking about how crass it is. That said I’m not surprised that everyone from “feminist scholar” to random blog commentors. Everyone seemed amazed that Baltimore teenagers would use a gender neutral, and people seem to be upset because yo is “crass and disrespectful,” i.e. Black, Brown and/or poor folks use it. It ain’t spivak, so it can’t work.

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