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affirmative action

My pa sent this piece to me, perhaps it’s of interest to y’all.

Something I found interesting about it:
The writer speaks of “unconscious bias”. Doesn’t this seem like a redundant statement? If you were aware that you were biased wouldn’t you do something about it? I’d like to think so, but maybe not. Maybe the point is that unconsciously or not our society doesn’t really want to change.

I think it’s interesting even in our speech how we handle these issues. When describing this problem the writer says “So why is it that people of color still lag so far behind their white female counterparts” When of course the problem here is not that POC are at fault and “lag behind” but rather our system and those in power are lagging. And yet this sentence by it’s structure places that blame on them. While I’m guessing Sophia A. Nelson never meant to imply that (and I’m sure someone will argue I’m reading too much into this and they probably have a point) I still think it’s reflective of how we view our society and it’s problems and how this “unconscious bias” infiltrates how we even start to talk about it.

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