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Anti-trans violence

Violence against transgendered/transsexual people is all too common. This morning, I woke up to find a flyer with the following information on it. I’m horrified and I feel unsafe and I hate what Public Safety and the Police did to Ruby.

September 24, 2009

Dear Member of Mount Holyoke College and Resident of the Pioneer Valley,

It has been reported:

There was an act of anti-trans violence and possible racial profiling committed by the Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College joint Public Safety force and additionally the Amherst Police department.

“Ruby” was a visitor of the pioneer valley and identifies as a transwoman of color. Ruby was seeking refuge at Hampshire College with a friend after being evicted fromher home because of her transexuality. She had been trespassed from Hampshire campus a year and half ago while attending a lecture with friends from the college. On the night of the incident at hand, Public Safety entered the host’s mod, and the Assistant Director of Public Safety has given several different reasons for entry. A witness, in the mod living room, reports Public Safety’s call to the Hampshire Housing Director: regarding closed doors to private rooms: “We can’t go in there [closed doors to private rooms], but you can.”

Ruby was hiding under her host’s bed. Public Safety physically pulled Ruby out from under the bed. The officers made transphobic jabs, mocking her outfit and victimizing her due to her feminine appearance. When last seen by her friends, she was wearing her own skirt; when picked up from jail, she was wearing a foreign pair of pants and said, “I was still wearing my skirt,” leading her friends to believe that she was pressured by officers to change her clothing. Hampshire Public safety then took Ruby into custody and transported her to Amherst Police. There, she says, “I was aggressively and sexually violated at the station by [an officer] in the presence of three others.” Eight friends paid her bail, however her detention continued for two hours thereafter. During her detention the Police threatened Ruby. She explained, “[I] was lectured on how I would be raped by ‘a big guy with romance on his mind’ if I was caught again at Hampshire College.” The issue here is with both the joint Public safety Department (which is something we must react to as a campus) and with the Amherst Police Department (which we need to react to as citizens).

Officers who work on our campus discriminated and threatened an individual based onher gender identity, gender presentation, and race.

This threatens the safety of gender variant people, threatens the safety of people of color, and threatens the safety of all people of our community, because:

Public Safety discriminated, and

Public safety harassed.

End Complacency. Demand Equality. Come together on Thursday evening in Torrey at 9:30 P.M.


Concerned Members of MHC and the Pioneer Valley

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I might edit this to add my opinions about why this article is fucked up, but I want to hear it from you all first.

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Kanye, our favorite patriarch

You don’t have to watch the VMAs to know what happened. I’ve never actually watched a VMA award show in my life, but while procrastinating on homework I was astounded by the number of facebook updates about Kanye West’s outburst and rush to the stage.


I understand some folks don’t dig country music, or pop country especially.

Then I was thinking about what he shouted when he bumrushed the stage: “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

I might disagree on that point, but regardless. His assumption was that Beyonce should have won best Female Artist, because the assumption was she couldn’t win in any other category. Ya know, because she can only compete on a field with other women.

Well Kanye, you looked like an ass.

Beyonce got more recognition than you thought she deserved.

And Taylor Swift actually got to give her speech.

Happy ending!

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I was skeptical when all the buzz about the HPV vaccine began. This post reflects some of my concerns about it. We already knew that women everywhere, including in the west, are used as tools to uphold the current world order, which includes the enrichment of the super-wealthy corporations concentrated in the U.S. and Europe, and other such exploitative entities. Honestly, I can’t even forsee an end to the use of women’s bodies towards this end. This other post is also similarly skeptical.

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uncle sam

Now girls, you all know you’ll be demonized for deciding not to have children.  But you should know that if you have a child, and do everything in your power to provide for her, including risking your life in the military, there’s a whole new shit storm waiting for you.  We Americans sure do appreciate our veterans!

Yuck.  Just Yuck.


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