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Taylor Swift parody

This is a pretty fabulous parody of Taylor Swift’s “Fifteen”. I have some problems with her using the word “pussy” as an insult and saying that the douchebag boys will just end up serving fries… but what do y’all think?

Also, munzi, she’s playing a pan.

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Sexual Aggression

Hey friends. Procrastinating writing my thesis, so I thought I’d write about something juicy to provoke some dialogue.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my sexuality/sexual orientation/gender identity has developed over the years. Many people nowadays describe me as a butch or rather boyish person and I was recently told that my sexual energy was “masculine”. This has got me to thinking, “what the fuck does that mean?” If that means I’m sexually aggressive and forward, let me esplain: Ever since I first started developing attractions to real people I have ALWAYS had a primary impulse to feel bad about it and assume that they couldn’t be interested. Though this has been changing recently, I take FOREVER to tell people I like that I’m interested in them. And regarding people I hook up with, I feel like I’m never the one making the first move physically. Perhaps people I’ve hooked up with would say differently, but this is how I feel, which is at least indicative of my internalized (homophobic?) shame. This whole revelation was brought on by this one night recently when I was out dancing one night and some person I did not know in the slightest grabbed me, asked me my name, and started dancing and kissing me. I was drunk. And after deciding that this person was exceedingly attractive, I just went along with it.

This makes me wonder: Where do people get that confidence? Cause I don’t have it. Is it bad that I was fine with a hot person (who happens to go by female pronouns) grabbing me? Is it bad that the fact that this person’s appearance as a woman made me completely okay with something I would be FURIOUS about if it was someone who looked like a man? I generally think it is a beautiful thing for a woman to be sexually aggressive.

Questions of rape-y-ness aside, I have other thoughts:

  • How did your sexuality develop?
  • How did you learn to pursue or be pursued? Was it connected to your gender identity?
  • Do you feel that a certain role is expected of you?
  • Do you feel shame for being sexually aggressive/being the initiator?
  • Does your acceptance of sexual aggression in other people rely on their gender identity?

I’m really quite interested in other people’s experiences of this, I’d like to know your thoughts.

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evolutionary psychology

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Check out this lady and her awesome companions talk about Fat Acceptance!!

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I am huge fan of this video. Hope y’all enjoy. =)

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