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happy woman liberationFollow-up to that other article posted a while ago: Here


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I might edit this to add my opinions about why this article is fucked up, but I want to hear it from you all first.

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i haven’t really formed my thoughts on this yet, but what do YOU think? women bullying women

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Obama signs the Fair Pay Act:


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who amongst us is a little (or a lot) less nice to their mothers (and other women in their lives) than they are to men? i know i’m really cranky and dismissive of my mother, when in fact what i should be doing is respecting the enormous amount of work she does to raise children, as well as provide income for my family. i think of her as ignorant and incompetent, when i should go out of my way to educate her, failing which i should be nice to her anyway. i actually can only think of three people who are decent to their mothers. two of them happen to be men, which is possibly irrelevant.  obviously, i know atleast dozens of people, out of which 3 is a teeny tiny fraction. which is a really terrible reflection upon our society, as well as us as individuals trying to reform it.


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