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I know I’ve been kind of binge-posting lately, but I thought y’all might find this article interesting.



I know not all of us are on the Lady Gaga fan train, but I think this article is a fine example of a positive quality of Lady Gaga: she sometimes picks  really rad people to work with. This article is about Heather Cassils, the person Lady Gaga makes out with in the prison yard, who speaks at length about her dislike of binaries, disappointment with The L Word as a queer T.V. show, and her personal performance art.

The interviewer, Noah Michelson, also shares a good point with Cassils about the implications of having such a new face making out with a pop star,

It really speaks to the idea of visibility. When you think about the way queer women are presented — even in 2010 — we never see images like you and Lady Gaga making out… Whenever I see truly queer representations, especially embedded in such a mainstream moment like “Telephone,” I think of kids in the middle of Kansas who maybe aren’t exposed to anything, and then they see this Lady Gaga video, and they start asking questions. Even something as fluffy as a pop music video can be hugely influential.

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Juicy. Lady Gaga. Juicy. Some things to ponder…

  • Lesbian prison scenes! Why in a prison?
  • Gaga’s sexually ambiguous relationship with Beyoncé!
  • Is it just me or did they make Beyoncé whiter???
  • Use of the Kill Bill “Pussy Wagon”: feminist reclamation or glorification of (faux) girl power movie?
  • Resemblance to Thelma & Louise
  • “To be continued…” SQUEE.

Hope you share my love for Gaga and my love for critiquing Gaga!

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