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Swagger Like Us: Should Women Be More Like Men or Not?

For decades, women have been told just to get ahead in an unjust system — but should they be amplifying their aggression to mimic successful men?

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this article really doesn’t say much about most of the issues we are concerned with here on GA, but this one paragraph is revealing. what i like about alternet is that it at least bothers to insert some feminist analysis into the news.

While the bill doesn’t come close to fulfilling the promise of the sort of universal, single-payer coverage favored by progressives, it will, according to the Congressional Budget Office, create access to health insurance to 32 million currently uninsured Americans. But the victory came at the expense of a further erosion of women’s reproductive rights, even as it proscribed discrimination against women in premium costs and gender-specific pre-existing conditions.

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Pre-existing condition of capitalism

Pre-existing condition of capitalism?

Feministing had a great post today about how health care reform is a feminist issue and it got me thinking to do a bit of research. What I found was that women are in need of a complete overhaul of our health care system and we need it now. Check out here, here, and here for more information.

It’s no secret that women’s health care is pricey and important. Don’t know how much a gyno costs? Ask your mom or a sister. I honestly don’t understand how we can justify forcing women to pay for their own health care, simply because women face health issues different from males, especially if we’re statistically less likely to be able to pay for it because we are often not paid (or not paid equally) for our labor. And let’s not forget that not only do our health care issues affect women disproportionately but women of color especially–women of color are twice as likely to have no health insurance and are more likely to receive late or no prenatal care. And of course our current health care for trans folks is even worse.

Also I hope you all checked out the 4 month year old who was denied health insurance because he was “too fat”. The fat phobia going on in health care these days is some seriously scary stuff.

It’s important in this time to remember that we are not too sick, too fat, too woman-y, too trans. On the contrary, we are ourselves, our existing conditions are the conditions of existence, of life. Instead our health insurance companies are too greedy, too cruel, and too powerful.

Remember, “the personal is political,” and for all those facing health care issues remember you are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with you–there’s something wrong with our system. Here’s to hoping our politicians wake up and we get some sort of public option and that we are not denied care simply for being who we are.

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iran electionThis article written by an Iranian woman sheds light into some challenges that feminists face in Iran.  In addition, some of the comments under the post offer some insightful criticism of the article. I don’t mean to downplay the anti-feminism of American society by posting this piece. Feminists face different challenges all over the world, and that is what I wish to illustrate. Also, the piece is particular to current events.

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pink_dayThere’ a new bill that would require a 48-hour stay for breast cancer patients who have just had a mastectomy.  Before my mother died from breast cancer, she had to have this procedure.  I might have to have it at some point, and a shitload of other women will have to have it, so yeah…sign the thing and pass it on.

Proposed Mastectomy Law Change (written by a surgeon),  I’ll never forget the look in my patients eyes when I had to tell them they had to go home with the drains, new exercises and no breast. I remember begging the doctors to keep these women in the hospital longer, only to hear that they would, but their hands were tied by the insurance companies.

So there I sat with my patient giving them the instructions they needed to take care of themselves, knowing full well they didn’t grasp half of what I was saying, because the glazed, hopeless, frightened look spoke louder than the quiet ‘Thank you’ they muttered.

A mastectomy is when a woman’s breast is removed in order to remove cancerous breast cells/tissue. If you know anyone who has had a mastectomy, you may know that there is a lot of discomfort and pain afterwards. Insurance companies are trying to make mastectomies an outpatient procedure. Let’s give women the chance to recover properly in the hospital for 2 days after surgery.

This Mastectomy Bill is in Congress now. It takes 2 seconds to do this and is very important. Please take the time and do it really quick! The Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill is important legislation for all women.

Please send this to everyone in your address book. If there was ever a time when our voices and choices should be heard, this is one of those times. If you’re receiving this, it’s because I think you will take the 30 seconds to go to vote on this issue and send it on to others you know who will do the same.

There’s a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It’s about eliminating the ‘drive-through mastectomy’ where women are forced to go home just a few hours after surgery, against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still attached.

Lifetime Television has put this bill on their web page with a petition drive to show your support.. Last year over half the House signed on. PLEASE! Sign the petition by clicking on the web site below. You need not give more than your name and zip code number. http://www.mylifetime.com/community/my-lifetime-commitment/breast-cancer/petition/breast-cancer-petition

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i haven’t really formed my thoughts on this yet, but what do YOU think? women bullying women

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Because sex workers rights are workers rights

And because Workers Rights are Women’s Rights

Ok so kind of unrelated stuff but stuff to see all the same. Friction is a cool blog a member of my gender and social space shared with our class. The blog is articulate, well put together, and engaging. Peridot Ash is self aware and brings up a lot of issues as she attempts to detangle the messy world of the sex industry, with all of it’s contradictions.

And the second is an article about the rallies going down at Vassar. Awesome stuff, Über props to all involved! Everyone I’ve spoken with is in agreement, the energy was intense, and I know I’m not the only one pumped to see what’s next for the May Day Working Group. It’s time to activate!

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three cheers for eve ensler?

lucie this may be of particular interest to you

i know that we are trying to be more congenial on this blog but if people want to have long debates about this please email me. and if you dont know what my email address is, i guess ask someone who might? (sarah) i dont wanna post it here.

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Georgia Legislators are using the financial crisis as an excuse to cut Queer Theory, and other sexuality studies from the Georgia University System. For a ridiculous laugh and a half I encourage you to watch Rep Byrd’s youtube video. How is it that our politicians don’t even know basics about sexuality studies (or how to make a youtube video, seriously I could do better on my macbook)?

CNN’s pretty ridiculous excuse for coverage can be found here.

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Obama signs the Fair Pay Act:


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