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Sixteen Candles

A few nights ago I sat down with my whole family to watch a movie: Sixteen Candles directed by John Hughes (who also gave us Home Alone and the Breakfast Club)

I don’t know what it was about this PG rated “sweet and funny” (Roger Ebert) teen classic; maybe it was the fact that when it came time for “the geek” to rape the beautiful, passed out prom queen, nobody gave it a second thought.  That when the “jock but actually a really nice guy” character says “I can get a piece of ass anytime I want. Shit, I’ve got Caroline in the bedroom right now, passed out cold. I could violate her ten different ways if I wanted to,” it’s taken as a sign of his great maturity and sweetness that he doesn’t in fact violate her “ten different ways”  …rather than a sign that he isn’t a rapist and a criminal. That aforementioned Carolina clearly deserves to be raped, after all, she’s a beautiful cheerleader, and it’s about time the tables turned!

I won’t even go into the racism; suffice to say there is a foreign exchange student from China named Long Duck Dong.

If this is a PG rated classic, the kind of movie we show to twelve year olds, the kind of movie a whole family watches together on thanksgiving, the kind of sweet nostalgic movie taken as the antithesis of the violent, misogynistic, torture porn and regular porn and all the other garbage my mom finds so offensive…and it’s blatantly endorsing sexual abuse.

Well, I guess I already knew we lived in a rape culture…


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Anyone else really bothered by this ad?

A young girl drinks too much at a party and passes out. Her douche bag “friends” don’t attempt to take care of her and instead something bad happens. In this case they dress her up as a weird puppet. But when I watched this video I was immediately afraid for her. Why isn’t anyone taking care of her? Someone could easily take advantage of her.

It’s my guess that the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign wants to spark this kind of fear to prevent us vulnerable women from drinking. While I have no problem with educating youth as to the dangers of alcohol abuse I have a huge problem with this sort of sparking of fear and blame game.

The girl in this ad was not dressed up as a puppet because she drank too much. She was dressed up like a puppet because her friends are assholes. Similarly had something worse happened in this ad, it wouldn’t have been because she was drinking. No one asks for this to happen, no matter how many beers you drink.

Why is this ad trying to blame her? Why isn’t this ad a watch out for you friends ad? Who is in control, the piece asks. Answer: rape culture.

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