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The Gender Agenda is the brain child of a bunch of Generation Y feminists who are here to speak out. We’ve attended or are currently attending schools such as Vassar, Mount Holyoke, Haverford, and Wesleyan.

Some ideas we hope to talk about include, but are not limited to:

-What the fuck is feminism anyway? What has it meant? And more importantly, what does it mean TODAY, for the young people of this country? We can’t afford to silence ourselves any longer. While we will in no way speak for all women, we are still women, and men and other awesome people, who must speak and must be heard.

-What the hell does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a young woman? What should it mean? What is imposed on us, and what do we impose on ourselves? What should we be doing? What are we doing? What should be/shouldn’t be expected of us?

-What are the intersectionalities which are revealed when a young woman finds herself at an institution like Vassar, or other (dis/similar)institutions, or in the real world? How does race, class, ethnicity, (dis)ability, and sexuality complicate with gender issues on today’s college campus and in the “real world”?

-What’s all the awesome shit that we (young women and those who support them) ARE DOING that is going unnoticed and is underappreciated? (Music, Art, Science, Humanities, etc.)

-What does it mean to be radical? And how is this related to the experience of being a radical feminist? What is the role of the feminists in activist groups on campus?

-What’s generally going on at the Seven Sister schools? How has feminism survived, how has it changed? What needs to change?

-On a college campus, what is the difference between what goes on inside the classroom and what goes on outside of it? How do the feminist issues we confront at school compare to the feminist issues we confront in the “real world”? What do these differences and similarities mean? What do these ridiculous (both socially constructed and literal) gates mean for feminism?

-What should we do to reduce and eliminate the systematic oppression of women? What are some specific steps? Which ones are we personally capable of? How can we do more?

-What are some possible utopian alternatives to Patriarchy? Is a Matriarchy possible?

-How do we begin to apply what we are learning? How do we connect lofty theories and real world problems?

-How do we increase female exposure (in all fields/areas)? How do we empower ourselves? How do we trust our feminism/female knowledge in the face of ADVERSITY and opposition?

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